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Active recreation & Attractions

Most of our guests visit us for natural attractions offered by three nearby nature parks. River Biebrza needs no advertising. This does not mean however, that we cannot add other attractions. What else is there to do?

  • fishing (licences available from your host)
  • kayaking and boating
  • hire a guide to put you through your paces aroung the Biebrza National Park or the Osowiec fortress
  • make a standard bike tour (31km) through meadows/wetlands (depending on the time of the year) and usually full of birds
  • go picking mushrooms
  • hot air baloon flights (usually ~1 hour, 450 PLN/person.)
  • go do some shooting with blackpowder, pneumatic and real weapons (shooting range in nearby Piątnica) (see.)
  • fight a paintball war in a terrain of your choice (see.)
  • take your 4x4 over some rough terrain
  • go horseback (pony) riding, get familiar witch domestic animals, take a cow-milking course, which school excursions often do.
  • take a cart or sleigh ride
  • scything contest

Other attractions – room for 50 people, kitchen with local specials (try „biebrzanka”) and sheltered table for barbecues. To organize special program, contact Ela (+48 668 819 508) – she'll make it happen.