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Drozdowo – The manor of the Lutosławski family near Łomża. Currently a natural history museum with a full spectrum of local animal and plant life.
Biebrza National Park - Inhabited also by the otter, badger, deer, elk, beaver and 36 fish species. A unique abundance of birds with 263 bird species, including 179 nesting species.
Landscape Park of the Narew River – stablished in 1996. The park has a total area of nearly 23 thousand hectares. Needs no introduction.
Lomza Landscape Park of the River Narew Valley – it’s a real bird’s paradise, with some 200 bird species (137 nesting)
Twierdza Osowiec – vast system of Tsarist fortifications dating back to late 19th century
Tykocin – 600 years old town. A baroque church, a synagogue (now a museum), the ruins of the castle of Sigisimundus Augustus, Jewish houses around the town square...
Nowogród – this town’s history dates back to the 13-15th century
Góra Strękowa - legendary defence by Captain Władysław Raginis with his one thousand soldiers against the onslaught of the 19th General Guderian’s Panzer Corps (40,000 men) in September 1939 during the German invasion of Poland.
Piątnica - known of a super dairy products ... but also Tsarist forts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. And in addition, you can spend some time with a bang at the shooting range